The Apocalypse Hunter is a VERY large STEEL type pokemon on the 3rd stage of its evolution although unlike most the base desighn stays the same, the only diffrence is diffrent weapons and a lot larger, and the name just has a m1, m2 or m3 on the end depending on its evolution stage, it looks like a spider with square parts and has diffrent 6 weapons:


Bite: Does as the name emplys, its a bite, and when it evolves it gets a bigger mouth and thus a bigger bite

Pulse Beam: Basically just a laser that is fired from the mouth and as the pokemon evolves the pulse beam gets bigger

+ Seeker Missle: Its just a missle that seeks out the opponent.

Auto Turret: Unlike most attacks this one does its job automatically allowing the pokemon to fire other weapons (This Weapon unlike the others is placed on the back,left and right side).

+ Hydra Missles: Fires a burst of 3/5 missles around the target dealing decent splash damage.

+ Bombarder Cannon: Acts like a mortar, busting upon impact throwing fragments around it.

Note: The weapons with a + before the name are placed on top, also, the Seeker and Hydra Missles, the Bombarder Cannon and the Auto Turret, do also grow as it evolves but not a lot

Name Bombarder Cannons Auto Turrets(Per-Side) Hydra Missles Seeker Missles Size
M 1 0 1 1 2 Small/Med
M 2 2 2 4 4 Med/Large
M 3 6 3 8 8 Very Large