Electric/Electric (Its STAB adds 125% damage instead of 50%)


3'11.5" (1.21 meters)


12.9 lbs (5.85 kg)

Main Abilities:

Levitate or Volt Absorb

Hidden Ability:

Motor Drive



Gender Ratio

100% Genderless

Tauonico is the final form of Electronio. It evolves from Muonico through trading. Unlike the earlier members of its evolutionary line, it is almost completely solid and therefore very, very heavy compared to the earlier members of its evolutionary line. Its stats are considerably balanced, and is a very formidable opponent. However, its Electric/Electric typing (yes, you read that correctly) makes it heavily vulnerable to Ground-type moves if it lacks Levitate. It also has a much larger movepool than its previous evolutions, making it a much better, and more useful, Pokemon.

Base StatsEdit

Stat Value
HP: 55
Attack: 27
Defense: 33
Sp. Atk: 60
Sp. Def: 70
Speed: 205
Total: 450


Learned by Leveling UpEdit

Move Level
Thunderbolt Start
Leer Start
Magnet Rise Start
Thunderbolt Level 22
Magnet Rise Level 38
Thunder Level 42
Explosion Level 50
Electro Ball Level 54
Hyper Beam Level 61

Learned by TM/HMEdit

Move TM/HM
Calm Mind TM03
Hidden Power TM10
Sunny Day TM11
Hyper Beam TM15
Light Screen TM16
Protect TM17
Solarbeam TM22
Thunderbolt TM24
Thunder TM25
Double Team TM32
Torment TM41
Energy Ball TM53
Charge Beam TM57
Incinerate TM59
Will-O-Wisp TM61
Explosion TM64
Volt Switch TM72
Gyro Ball TM74
Psych Up TM77
Substitute TM90
Wild Charge TM93

Pokedex EntryEdit


Ball Lightning Pokemon

HT: 3'11.5"

WT: 12.9 lbs

Being nearly-solid energy beings, Taunico contain massive amounts of energy within them. In most cases, this energy is close to 526 petajoules, although it can be greater.


  • Like the two Pokemon before it, its body is based off of Gastly, although, like Muonico, its solid parts are taken from Voltorb. The concept itself is taken from the Tau (sometimes called the Tauon), an elementary particle and the heaviest of the Leptons.